sons; daughters

sons; daughters

brothers; sisters

more than followers,

by grace; by love we made more like Him,

to carry out the mission.


human flourishing

in His will

though it may be a path of suffering,

joy in the midst and at the end.


sons and daughters


consumed in a fire of love

that transforms.


Battered by ocean

water erodes

stalwart tower, a pillar enduring.


Ocean water

bare in the unrelenting breeze

elements batter tower, continually.


Lighthouse bare,

enduring pummeling waters, waves;


storms, waters, winds.

Braving the battering continually.


Light piercing dark shores

ruining rocks near

veering travelers from certain ruin.


the ruined wretch



a hell encased within …

a justice

for ruination of neighbor.

will the bullet of grace

turn their vicious ways?

a purgatory stripping

dross of vice away,

otherwise stuck in unremorseful

muck, stinking, petulant, boiling blood.


reason and desire of the wrong good

a will to vice and unrepentant creates a hell and despair known or unknown;

justice the eternal punishment…

yet what could turn reason toward the good?

desiring to want what is right and good?



eudiamonia 2


the flourishing, flowering rose bush,

the thriving orange blossom, with rich color,

red bud with deep magenta flowers,

African violet: pink succulent petals,

blossoming cherry tree, lush with pink flower;

the bird with well-crafted nest that weathers storm,

is far from predators, sturdy to hold its young.

Vocation of each fulfilled,

thriving in its place,

causing all others who encounter to thrive–

hearts burning within them.



the prospering, fulfilled life, flourishing.

Happiness a poor translation.

Work is our toil, but Aristotle sees good work as meaningful and fulfilling.

Born to make what is good, fulfill the good work in human flourishing,

art, philosophy, literary venture, work that makes the person flourish,

amusement foolishness.

Leisure important to renew self from work,

but not endless amusement.

Life and life everlasting to be meaningful,

in contemplation, but also creating.

Having fulfilling friendships and relationships, tempered and good.

Not a return to the ocean of universals, losing individuality.

But returning to the Love that moves all that exists,

our aim: the Good.

Not annihilation.

Not amusement for eternity; not becoming nothing, or a collective,

but who one truly is–more human.

A hope with a telos. An end to history. A beginning of Life eternal. Not a perpetual rest.

Body-soul unity, transformed– a likeness we do not fully know, but saints have had glimpses or revelations of …

Eudiamonia here and now, important for who we will be after this life and death play.

Eudiamonia fulfilled in unity with the Good–the eternal Logos.


Utilitarian the American way. Bentham, the preserved icon silently proclaiming his hedonistic pursuit of pleasure–the greater good. What will create the greatest happiness? The philosophy of swine? Mills tempers the argument with happiness the pursuit of the mind, the contemplative. The greater good in the pursuit of intellectual fulfillment, happiness.

Being moral for the sake of being moral no longer much of a practiced concept. Happiness, the goal in this current age of malaise. Unthinking pursuit of happiness without thinking of consequence. Reckless. Temperance forgotten.

American polarization. One or the other, not usually the mean.

If the end result is good, then the means do not matter. Perpetuity of ethics may never save a person or make a person happy. Because happiness is subjective to each person.

The aim ought to be for the Good. But what is the good?

Isn’t Christ the standard? The Logos made manifest? Showing us Truth, incarnated Truth?

Pursue goodness through the virtues. Along the way, you will meet the one who is Virtue, the one who is Truth. And you will be rescued from moralism alone, all the isms. Becoming more like Truth himself.


live well, for the sake of a good end

happiness not a result of virtue, only on occasion,

to aim for the good, for the sake of the good;

being a person of character, a richness in life.

deontologically motivated? Moral to be moral.

utilitarian, for the greater good. For the happiness of all?


Motive a component.

Happiness not the question.

Were the saints motivated by happiness? Not in this life.

Not pie in the sky either.

But a teleological aim toward the Good that is eternal

and transfiguring.