Jeff D.

The process of blogs and writing is to write and post something every day. My discipline has always lagged in life. But a lot of times, I don’t feel like writing or sharing.

I believe grief is a viable excuse.

I lost a dear friend of mine a week ago today. Jeff was an intensely burning flame that only death could damper. For it is in movement that we are alive. He had Aspergers or was Aspergers as some wish to say. To me, he was Jeff. Highly verbal, intensely so… he would talk faster with more information to save time as he put it. Time is the enemy at times, no pun intended. He wished to absorb the aspect of the world which he was passionate about: music, movies, people, living his life.

He was caring, generous and faithful to those he loved, as family and friends.

I learned from Jeff that life is to be lived with passion, not with dull indifference. Of course, I can’t keep up with the high speed of processing like Jeff. But every moment is precious and meaningful. Jeff never shied away from who he was. He was himself and was shaped by those in his life.

He also greatly appreciated and was thankful for any time spent with him. He enjoyed company and sharing his life with others. I let him be himself, and he allowed me to be myself. At times, we had great conversations about politics, current events, complex ideas in movies, religion, some philosophy, and comedy.

He had a great sense of humor, making puns where he could and laughing at goofy comedies and 80s action movies.

You are missed Jeff. You impacted me, and I pray I impacted you. May the Lord and his angels lead you to the light of life everlasting. May you be welcomed into the Kingdom of God and live eternally with God and all the saints. May all your sins be washed away in the River of Life, the River of Lethe, where the memory of vice and sin are purged away. May you enter with joy into the arms of the savior of the world.


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