Love and ruins


We love. We love in part. We love too much or too little. Or we love the wrong things. We love amidst the ruins of the human spirit and body. We divide the person into soul or body. We cast off the body as nothing or we cast off the spirit as though nothing. That way, we can use the body as object. We will see the ghost as trapped in the machine. The machine breaks down, but no worry the spirit is set free. This is to err. Or we do the opposite, love the spirit more than the body. We view the body as something to be punished as though evil and strengthen the inner man—the spirit. We become Gnostics. Material is evil.

Yet God made the seen and the unseen as good. Yes, it is fallen, but Christ redeems both. Lord, how do we love aright? Love as you love? I am a whitewashed tomb, knowing that self-sacrifice is the highest love—to lay down one’s life, to die to self. But I wish to hold to every inch of my world, possessing it like a child with his only toy. I hold to self as though this is all there is.

Doubt. Doubt that there is nothing but a material cosmos. Doubt that there is only this life. Only a fool says there is no God. When one works with people, which is my day job, the only philosophy is behaviorism and therapeutic deism and secularism. To live as though there is no God. Being nice is the highest virtue. Change one’s environment then they will be saved. But what of truth? What of beauty? What of goodness? These all become relative terms. Whatever you want them to be, they say. What is love? Desire? Butterflies in the stomach? Friendship? Our appetite? What we say it is? Is it happiness?

Divine love is the highest. The God of truth, goodness, and beauty wishes to lavish us with love. Happiness is no guarantee. Only blessedness. Job didn’t know he was being blessed though he was suffering. He was being drawn closer to God. To God’s love which moves all things. Love laid down his life for the life of the world. Christ died that he may draw all to him. Not all choose Christ. But God desires nothing more than his beloved to return to him. God is merciful, but also just.

Love beckons us to Him.


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