Lord Have Mercy on Me a Freelancer

Since graduating from college, I wanted to be an editor or proofreader or writer. That dream got lost in the ten years after graduating college. I had no in road until about three years ago. I started writing for a website, which drew no money, but it wasn’t about the money. Then a friend connected me with Thomas Nelson Publishing to proofread. These were excellent starts.

My day job brings in a pitiful annual income, so the supplemental income helps a lot, especially since my wife lost her job and has since picked up part-time work. I have lost contracts and gained contracts. I have even picked up a transcription contract.

But the life of freelance work is difficult. Very difficult. It is a monthly hope you’ll have enough work coming in to cover the income gaps and be able to tithe and maybe have some fun.

Luckily, my dad taught me to be rather frugal and my wife grew up on a budget. But it would be nice to have a break. Enough freelance work coming in where that could be my sole income.

I’ve read countless articles about how people shirk at freelancer, “You’re still doing that? Get a real job.” Oh, I have a “real job.” But one can’t survive on having one job anymore these days, it seems. I grew up affluent, but was also deprived; there was a pendulum with money. Gifts were plentiful, needs were met, but there was a healthy practical gifts within reason, not extravagance. Although my sister had a different experience. Although, I think this way of growing up taught me to wait for things that I didn’t need at the moment. Although, I may have learned that in college and from not having any money after college. So who knows. I’m going on a tangent.

Freelance doesn’t have the “security” of a day-to-day job or health benefits. But in other ways it isn’t soul crushing. Sure the work can get monotonous and one gets burnt out, but then vacation is needed like any job. When one doesn’t work, then one doesn’t get paid. That just means that one must put a side money for the days he takes off.

Freelance work is like living by faith. Lord, give us our daily bread. And please a little more. And deliver us from taxes.

Freelance work is an adventure. In every way, my freelance work brings me to life, unlike my day job. You’re never sure what work you will get. But it’s always interesting. Every part of the job is something that I want to do. I don’t shuffle my feet and dislike one aspect. Sure there are things I like less than others, but I enjoy every part of the job.

So here’s hoping to more paid work: editing, proofreading, writing, transcribing.

Lord, have mercy.


One thought on “Lord Have Mercy on Me a Freelancer

  1. You give me hope. I want to some day start earning $ doing freelancing. Nothing I do right now is earning me $ except my part time tutoring (college level writing)… I recall my own parents struggle..They had 8 children and struggled for years. Then as they got older, events starting happening, one after another, over the years and eventually they did quite well for themselves. Hang in there…


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