Missing home; missing how things used to be

I was looking at a writing desk. In today’s culture of digital iPads and Nooks and Kindles and e-mail, what the hell does one need a writing desk for or a letter desk. For this desk has compartments for ink, pens, envelopes, wax and stamper with insignia. Slots for paper. For incoming and outgoing letters. Drawers.

The desk is made of wood, not composite wood particles with a cheap veneer.

As a writer, and yes my main medium is word processing on a computer, I love the tangible feel of paper and all the accoutrements of writing. The taste of the envelope glue, which in our fear and paranoia is probably poisonous. But the physical act of writing, pen to paper, there is nothing like it. It is incarnational. Is is not? Form meeting form, a personal handwriting. Possibly a tear struck the paper one was writing upon. A personality touched this paper and the way a person writes says something about that person. And then the one receiving the letter–another person touches this paper. It is a transaction between living souls, touching in some mystical? way. Two points of space/time touching one another through an object a part from itself.

I miss how things used to be. There were souls in communion with one another. Yes, there still are. But with an increasingly disconnected digital world, what is the use of body? Mind and spirit are the only necessary thing. The body is whatever I think it, will it to be. It is relative and arbitrary.

I’m sick of all the rainbow symbols that the humanist has reinterpreted. Making it mean one specific thing, as though the rainbow flag will save America and the world. Even this WordPress blog has a rainbow atop my blog, which was put there without my consent. Thanks for forcing it upon me world … system of breaking down.

In the time the writing desk was “pertinent” people knew who they were, for the most part. This is a vast generalization. Of course there were things that were not good in that time. But at least culture was still intact. Western civilization and thought still were pertinent.

This is a new and terrible epoch and era in Western Civilization. In my opinion the Republic is dead, even the Supreme Court Justices admit this. Hegel has won. The spirit of the age now determines reality. It is a culture of demonizing secularism, the tyranny of relativism. There is a new orthodoxy in the world. And the Christian will be persecuted for it. (Yes, I am going on a rant here … but I have to say it somewhere). The Christian already is. How can you say firing someone who supported Prop 8 years ago shouldn’t have a job? This man still doesn’t have a job. Law has become whatever the majority says.

Has Western Civilization had its day? I would say yes.

But is there hope? Of course there is. There always is hope. Do we place our hope in politics? No. Do we place our hope in the courts and the governmental system? No. Do we live as citizens of a corrupt system? Yes. Nowhere is purely how it should be.

We have been and always are in exile. This world that God has made (the physical world) is good. It will be remade and renewed and in its fulness one day. But the fallen world that died when Christ died on the cross has to be remade. Parts are being remade. But the world (the culture) cannot save itself. It never did and it never can and it never will.

Our redeemer lives and Christ will bring all to perfect justice.

What is the church to do? Be itself. Following the true and real Christ. Not the American Christ. Not the cultural Christ. Not the historical Christ. But the true Christ. He is found in the Scriptures. And the testimony told there is true. Do not read with your cultural eyes, but Christ’s eyes. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to you the true Christ. Not the idol humans so easily make of Him.

That is why prayer is vital to reading the Scriptures and living the Christian life. That is why worshiping the One true God is so vital as well. He will reveal the truth to you. For He is the God of truth, goodness, love, life, joy, peace.

Don’t be confused by the world and its system. God is still alive. God is present. Pray. Live in exile while living in the world. Like the Jews of Babylon and Assyria did. Seek the true living God. Jesus is perfect love and perfect peace. He is the grace that helps us through all things.

Smash your idols America, Western Civilization. Return to Christ.

So like the writing desk, which reminds me of a different time. Has there truly ever been a better time in history? The 20th century was wrought as the most violent century. Culturally and community-wise, things may have been better. But the truth is God works within history. By the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity compels those following Christ to help bring unity and concord into the world. But not by disobeying Christ. We cannot follow a way that is contrary to Christ.

The writing desk is a symbol of home. It is a happy memory and reality (for I still write letters) that points forward to how things will be at the parousia the culmination of all things. Christ being present and we made perfect in and with him. All of our strivings to change the world will be nothing at His feet. For we will realize, Christ is the only one who transforms. Degrading culture is the work of confusion and rebellion. But you church, who stood as I have told you are my good and faithful servant.

So I’ve gone into a lot of areas that probably need more explanation. Feel free to dialogue if you wish.


4 thoughts on “Missing home; missing how things used to be

  1. Great article. And yes, there are many reasons to hope. God NEVER loses battles… As soon as England passed same sex marriage, the next thing they did was Sue the churches to be able to marry in them. Coming soon to a church near us, no doubt…Some have been saying that this is a way to bring down the churches, an ‘attack’ on the church. No one believed it till they wasted no time and sued the church of England for the right to marry ‘in’ them.


    1. It was no surprise to me on Friday. And of course in this secular, relativist world, the next thing will be lawsuits aimed at the church. As Rod Dreher said, “If Christianity doesn’t define itself more sharply against the modern world, it will be assimilated out of existence.”


      1. The first thing some did in England when gay marriage was approved, was sue to marry in the churches. It isn’t enough to ‘marry’ legally in a court house. It seems to be about going after churches, in hopes of suing them into oblivion. Telling Christian churches that they must do this, is like telling Democrats to vote Republican, Telling Republicans they have to vote Democrat. Why does one group seek to impose its moral beliefs on the church? Because they are intolerant of people who aren’t themselves.


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