Vivisection, decadence and Planned Parenthood

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, America’s advanced state of decadence, and Planned Parenthood. What do these three have in common?

Romanticism, the reaction against the Industrial Revolution and the rationalization of nature, warned us about controlling what the gods or God can only control. Frankenstein’s monster was the mockery of God—man creating something by his own will and in man’s image that only God could create and transform into His image.

In the Age of Enlightenment, vivisection becomes the norm. Vivisection is the beginning of disassociating from the value and dignity of the human person. Humans become merely bodies with separate souls.

American decadence has spoiled its people, where only the appetite and acedia reign. Science has become the god of the nation and its creatures are merely bodies to be vivisected and disposed of. Or they are meant for pleasure.

“What is a soul?” the nation asks. With a purely materialistic worldview, matter is the only thing that matters. The numinous, the spiritual do not matter. It is separation we seek. The mind from the body. The soul from the body. Therefore the body may be used in any way deemed fit for the greater good of humanity. Humanity, a vague conglomeration of some people out there, instead of a soul, a whole person whom we care about or love.

We have taken the Creature into our own hands—to be its god.

The videos that reveal Planned Parenthood involved in selling aborted babies’ tissues and organs has been called a “distraction” and “taken out of context.” To call the videos released a distraction is insulting. To say they are taken out of context is nonsense.

The nation has been post-Christian for some time. As it creeps toward an anti-Christian ethos, the human person will be seen as those who are disposable and those who are used. We are consumers. There is no thou. We only take into ourselves that which can be used. We see the world and all that is in it as something that can be used for our own gain or something that will make us look good or save humankind.

The care of souls has been eviscerated from the nation’s government. It has taken parts of living tissue, trying to make sense of a meaningless world. One’s own truth and another’s truth and another’s just confuses. These are the pieces of living tissue the world is trying to make sense of. When the mind is divided, why not divide the body and dehumanize humans?

Eugenics has always been a dirty business. An organization with a user-friendly website, women’s services, clean facilities and rhetoric cannot hide the tomb of facts behind the abortion industry. These are white-washed tombs we are dealing with.

Is this progress? This is nihilism. Another meaningless cog in the wheel. Yes, babies are born every day. People die every day. But to accept the discarding of human life in the name of science and progress errs on acedia and nihilism.

Science is not the enemy, but a godless humanism that directs scientific study is the enemy.


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