A poem inspired by Dante.


the allure, the goodness.

Beauty smiled on me

her gaze a beauteous glow.

The heart, the eyes tempted.

Pride rises–sin begetting sin from the mind of desire.

Our desires twisted–we want for our own–the eyes, the flesh.

Beauty becomes an idol.

This idol we must possess.

Desire: our obsession.

Our loves, out of order.


We pine for someone, something

greater than Self

greater than It.

We desire Thou, but can only use It.

Seeing the world as It. To be eaten, to be consumed, to be possessed.

Beauty is only beauty as Thou.

Then beauty becomes itself.
When the Good is our aim,

beauty becomes who she is–

her personality known, loved, and cherished.

When God arrives, only then, the gods arrive.

The God of beauty, truth, goodness makes our desires His.

We see beauty as He does.

To be loved, but more, to point toward Him.

Beauty gazed upon my pale,

disheartened countenance.

My desires small, untempered.

Beauty turned her head, her gaze toward the fountain.

It was then I understood,

I too gazed upon the fountain.


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