Fantasia “Night on Bald Mountain”

As a child, I loved “Night on Bald Mountain”. The devil arising on the top of the mountain conjuring the wraiths of the dead. The striking imagery of fire, death, wild dancing, screeching less than human ghosts. The macabre always interesting because it is the unknown. But all the wraiths are controlled, toyed with, they have no will of their own. Despair in death.

Then the bell tolls announcing the light of dawn. The devil cringes at the light the bell radiates. His play finished.

At the point when people holding lighted staffs process, as a child, I was bored. But now, I love the imagery. These people are the saints, being lights of the world, processing with the dawn– the new day as “Ave Maria” is sung.

We are all meant to be saints. Not all will be so, only God’s perfect justice and love will allow or disallow. But to be a saint is man’s calling. To be salt and the light of the world.

Not toys merely following our every whim and idea. Later to be tortured by a devil or by our own despair.

Listen for the bell’s toll. It leads us toward our destiny. Union with God in light and truth.


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