Brief comment about January 22nd on Capitol Hill

Dante portrays Satan frozen in the ninth circle of hell. He perpetually flaps his wings ever freezing the ice he is trapped within. Satan is impotent at the bottom of hell.

On a freezing day with the threat of a blizzard burying Washington, DC, I stood at the Supreme Court steps praying a liturgy for life. There was no hatred in our words, only the love of God being spoken.

We were about 150 people standing in the cold.

Behind us were “Abortion on Demand” people shouting incoherent words through the distortion of a loudspeaker. They beat their drums and shouted more. But at times they were silent.

They reminded me how pathetic the forces of evil really can be. Impotent. Making a lot of noise, but having no power in the presence of God Almighty or Jesus Christ–the Triune God.

Pathetic is the only word I can think of and impotent.

Because of the pending blizzard, it seemed there weren’t many people at the pro-life march. But by 2:30 there were thousands marching toward the Supreme Court. The opposition was a mere 80 to possibly 100 people.

What a contrast: death and life. Love and hate.


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