Musings while away

So these are a bunch of poems in process–some musings:


Friendship, a delight.

Revealing a whole world to another.

Wonder of the stars

set in their distance.

Worlds unknown

being revealed.

Wonders of the vast ocean

carrying secrets

across the worlds.

Love the revealer of all worlds.


Gazing at the stars

through pecan trees

(a lone firefly flits by, seeking).

Jupiter sending jollity

from above.

Spica rises from

the horizon–

the maiden awaiting loves embrace.



A ray of light through a dark cloud.

A violet peaking through crisp snow.

Gold deep within the quartz.

A castle on an emerald hill.

A living planet amidst a trillion stars.

Amethyst in a dark rock.

The cardinal amidst white snow.

I know nothing about love


it lifts you to unknown heights.

It will break your heart.

It is patient as a heron in the rain.

Kind as a nurturing mother.

Deep as the river.

Love penetrates to the core of being.

But like I said,

I know nothing about love.


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