Divine liturgy and the Samaritan Woman

We all thirst. Water is essential for life. But water will not sustain our entire being indefinitely. We also thirst for spiritual water. Water is a symbol for life and for the Holy Spirit.

The Samaritan woman was one of ill repute. Her neighbors talked behind her back. She hid in the shadows afraid of running into someone, anyone because of the gossip and uncharitable attitude of others. Yes, this woman sinned. So she got up early before the heat of the day and before many were out to gather water from Jacob’s well.

She encountered Christ there. He knew all about her life. She was astonished. She was filled with wonder. How could he know? Yet, this man, this God-man (theanthropos) spoke to her. He a Jew, she a Samaritan. (These two people “groups” did not get along). And besides that Jesus, a man, speaking to a woman, and a woman with such a reputation.

But her encounter with Jesus changed her life. She had to share that she met the Messiah.

We as Christ followers, must also live as Christ does. In this case, we too must speak love into the lives of those of “ill repute.” We must show them love. The love of Jesus Christ.

Christ has the life-giving eternal water that we thirst for. In the Samaritan woman’s life, she lacked something. But when she encountered Christ, that lack was filled. The life-giving water was given to her. She was never the same after her encounter with the savior of her soul.


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