What is the human being worth?

Should this even be a question?

Is our worth determined by others? Should it be? We hold out our hand like a beggar looking for some kind of affirmation from another to determine our worth.

In a world of consuming everything we lay our senses upon, unfortunately, it is a valid question.

With abortion, pornography, and euthanasia, and the age of technology, human beings are more and more seen as an object. Awareness of the suffering of others is diminished. Of course, we are aware of others’ suffering, but only think about it for a fleeting moment and move on to something less “depressing.”

If we have to question the worth of the human being, is there something that is deficient within us?

If we are made in the image of God, aren’t we worth far more than anything else created in the Cosmos?

(of course animals and other organisms are important … yet the human being is the highest of this order–according to the Judeo, Christian, Islamic understanding–I am not claiming answers, just something to think about).

Are we impoverished if we do not see the infinite worth of another human being? Even one who is suffering, who may be considered a wretch, or a depraved human being?

(Of course divine love would not have it that this person always stay this way … or is suffering because of punishment and deserves it. [this is a far more lengthy discussion])

(just a sketch)


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