A mess

There is a song by the band mewithoutYou called “messes of men” and a song by Switchfoot called “mess of me”.

Since the Fall (not the season) there has been irrefutable evidence that we humans have made a mess of our world and of ourselves.

We are the only creature who lies and deceives in the entire cosmos, as far as we know. We use our technology for good and for evil and to hide things and to expose things. (Watch the show Black Mirror, gives some great insight to this).

Technology becomes an extension of our hearts. We can be fully open and share our whole selves and not be ashamed for instance using Facebook or other social media. Or we can share some things and hide other things.

The technology is not evil, it is the one using the tech who has a flaw. Same with atomic energy. We can use it to destroy or to power things. On and on, there are many examples.

We want to be loved and understood. These are good things. But there is an order to it too. Groping in the dark isn’t the way. Deceit and deception is not the way either.

Our desires will overpower us at times. I suppose we should ask, what is the right way?

Joseph Ratzinger talks about con-version or turning back in his work. This is a daily practice over our whole lives. Some days we are great at it, other days not so much.

Lord have mercy


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