The seventh

Proverbs 5:1-20

Who am I but a wretched man?

Who but  one who has broken vows …

What is in your heart will be made known.

Hidden within will only brittle your bones

and weaken flesh.

To will one thing is purity of heart

The heart has been broken

shattered into many pieces …

Unclean am I …

Touch the coal to my lips

to my heart … that I will be made clean

as white as snow.

There is a saint within the wretch;

draw this one out, Lord.

Only you can do this, only you can save.

Her heart broken,

seeking one to save;

stuffing it with temporal things,

masking the pain.

Save her

That she may enter the kingdom and be made whole again.

Sorrow and brokenness and sin washed away.

Rend our hearts–

You are a merciful God who loves mankind.

Do not be wrath with us.

Teach her your ways.

Jesus, remember me,

remember her in your kingdom.


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