One year published


It has been one year since this book was published. What a year it has been. The heart is a treacherous thing. When we follow our own star or our own desire, it ends exactly where Dante and C. S. Lewis and Christ said it would end — heartbreak or something worse.

But the hope in every journey and the hope portrayed in the book is that no matter how hard a person falls, there is still hope when the person turns back, repents. Joseph Ratzinger said faith is a daily turning back.

Each of us has a will. Will we continue on a path of blindness and groping in the dark? Or will we walk in the light of wisdom and obedience despite our despondency?

The road is fraught with temptation, pain, suffering, little pleasantries. There is joy at the end when we walk in God’s will, not our own.

That is a little summation of what the book is about.

April 9th–Palm Sunday


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