Consuming fire

Love is a consuming fire

It won’t just scathe the hand,

but the entire being.

Sentimentalism has no place.

The great poets–obsessed

obsessed with passion and desire.

But as they journeyed through their lives,

they too understood the consuming fire of love.

Love either gives what you want, which keeps you imprisoned upon the Self.

Or Love is too much. Too intense. Something the soul cannot handle.

Either wailing within the city of woe and pain,

Or climbing the mountain where love pains you, but transforms you.

Through the pain is the cure.

We are more than mere animals,

But have intellect, given by God, the most god-like thing about a person.

Reaching the pinnacle of the mountain takes will, a will that is purified.

Purified by grace and love. A grace that pains us because we’d rather stay the way we are forever.

But we are more than we think we are.

Love will not be content in keeping us the same,

but only if we are willing.

The will must have a desire, even a slight desire for grace to spur it on.

Otherwise, we will get what we want for eternity.


Love, a consuming fire that we will walk through or stay away from forever.


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