God’s love has everything to give …

Does the ache for love that is eternal ever cease?

Pop songs about heartbreak and love eternal (however distorted)

all speak of our longing for a love we are all longing for …

That we confuse and distort.

Love for its own sake … an aching that is never satisfied.

Love for the other: beginnings of love divine.

Seeking the best and desiring the best for another.

All beginnings.

Heart desires a love that takes a lifetime … a consuming fire

we may encounter in seeking the face of God.

Desire, passion, romantic love: such a wonder

Ascending our hearts to the highest pinnacle,

but crashing to the ground shattering the heart.

Eros disordered is heartbreak in the making.

O God. Make our distortions of love be remade and put aright.

O God. Let your consuming fire set our hearts atop the mountain of purgation

that we may be renewed and know what Love,

who Love truly is.

Every gift from You a grace–

infused with joy and wonder;



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