the circle; the end

What if I told you

this existence was a never ending circle

life to death;

death to life.

The way of nature

shows us every day.

The flower blooming,

withering, decaying,

lying dormant beneath the cold;

but to bloom again in its season.

The seasons.

The crops.

A continuation of generations. Immortality through the family line.

Similarly, the life of a person:

ebbs and flows of emotion,

death and loss of things held once dear.

The old self, the new self.

A reinvention of oneself. Who will you be now?

Patterns and habits seem to be cyclical. The snake eating itself.

But what if I told you

our aim is eternity.

Bios passes away to be resurrected

and never die again.

The way things are disprove this.

Except for One who came into history.

To make all things new and forever in His presence.

Death never eternal, only life eternal.


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