The heart is turgid


a great mystery.

It makes promises;

breaks promises.

Follows desires like a lamb;

other times like a wolf.


Memory impressed

wanting to hold onto the good

the hurt, the ache.

But wanting liberty.

A freedom it never knew or has known.


The heart

a fragile thing;

a hardened thing–


The heart with lovely beat

against the soft chest,

a happy memory and intimate delight.

But also a painful memory of one lost.


The heart,

vital, beating vitality.

Protected in caged bios.

We need to protect our hearts more regularly.

It is too easy to break.

Learn from nature. It speaks of the Creator’s wisdom.


The fickle heart

the hardened heart

the wounded heart

the broken heart

the steadfast heart.

Lord of hearts, protect

nurture, heal, reform, make whole

the beauty, the mystery within.



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