Canto 6 Inferno

In this part of Hell are the gluttonous. They are face down in mire and there is a constant cold rain pelting upon them.

Food is meant for vigor and warmth. Not to be over indulged. In culinary arts, the food is made for excellence in taste and presentation. A delight to the senses–visual and flavor. Appetizing and appealing. The gluttonous are face down in pasty stinking mess. There is no appeal to any sense. The gluttonous are always cold and in a damp mess never to be dry or warm again.

Cerberus barks incessantly at those in the mire. Cerberus the three-headed mythological dog represents constant hunger and appetite.

I can’t help but wonder if gluttony not only refers to our appetite for food that goes beyond temperance. But also the appetite of whatever we desire. Overindulging in appetites for things and desires that we choose not to have satiated.

(Some insights gleaned from Tony Esolen).


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