Canto 7 Paradise: resurrection

Here is the theology of the fall of the human race and its redemption through forgiveness and the Cross.

The history of humankind begins with tragedy. A fall which blinded the whole generation of people to come. Saint Bonaventure said, “He could no longer imitate the divine power, behold divine light, or love divine goodness.” But by God becoming man to atone for all sin–a turning away from God.

Only Jesus Christ, God becoming man, could man be reconciled to God. That rift, abyss, chasm closed between man and God. The tragedy is sin, but the redemption is death on a cross and forgiveness.

This makes a new man. A new humanity.

Beatrice goes on to say that with Christ’s redemption, the body too is redeemed and will rise again. It is not subject to the grave, to dust eternally. But the soul and the body will be reunited again.

(an aside: man cannot save himself. In Purgatory we have the late repentant kings, in Hell the one’s obsessed with wealth. Wealth will not save us, nor will just rulership of a president or king. But the King of kings saved us in a strange way. Not by power, but by humility and death on a cross. To be resurrected opening the way for salvation. Jesus Christ is the only one has saved and will save and saves.)


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