The will and the intellect

Intellect and will. One is weak, the other wounded. Intellect can rise to the heights of hubris, but the will be paralyzed. Desire weakening the will. A love that is strong and enacted well by will, is decimated by lust and pride.

Intellect of the mind. Will of the body. They must work together to enact love: toward God, toward others.

To will is to work, to sacrifice the natural desire. Then there is rest after the arduous work of the will working in purpose, in light of wisdom.

Virtue its eagle, hawk leading it on. Paul knew what was right, but his will fought against it.

Intellect and will work together like hands making. The clay pot, hands molding creating art. The Maker creates–we too are art. Our intellects must rise to the heavens–our wounded will–sluggish and stubborn must conform that the man may live. And not be dragged into the dust–becoming that which it is made of.

For the will wounded treks on with a perverted intellect.

Weakness is not a virtue. But our own strength is not enough. It is a beginning.

To trek into the darkness of our heart is where the healing of the wounded intellect must begin; the weak will. It is in darkness we must travel being led toward the light. For the light of Wisdom will shine upon the intellect and the will and transform the pilgrim.

For a pilgrim traveled on this earth in a point of history. Wisdom was his name. He shone a light upon the world plunged in darkness. His death, a downward motion. But Wisdom did not become dust. But lived again, bringing life to the whole world. The man of perfect will and perfect intellect.

Imbalance in intellect and will leads to disaster. Seek the waters of Wisdom. Wisdom will lead you on, changing your will and intellect.


(just a sketch)




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