Body or vapor

The body, the sluggish machine

hindering our wills–

hindering the action of the intellect.

No wonder most pieties wish to discard the body.

This body of suffering.

Be a vapor or disembodied for eternity.

The statues and paintings emphasizing the body in Christian art

offensive to the Gnostic.

This body that causes so much hurt toward another

toward ourselves.

No wonder we want escape.

Annihilation or phantom, vapor floating painlessly

in a stupor of enlightenment.

But body reborn is the Christian hope.

Wholeness of body, mind–soul.

A body went through Hell, but returned edifying the world

instilling hope that all material,

all seen, all unseen is being remade, renewed.

Being made whole.

Heaven is no escape. It is seen and unseen merged.

Fulfillment, consummation. As all should have been, all should be.

The Christian hope sanctifies the body; not a machine to be used

but to be honored and ordered wisely.

All heartache and loss sent down the river of Lethe–

filled with a love that consumes.

Walking, no longer hobbling. Standing tall

beaming with joy

entering the gates of the imperishable.


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