The sun sets in washes of vibrant orange.

In the south ringed Saturn rises

killing Sol with Saturnine despair.

Leaden weight upon souls as the light dims.

But the moon stands high in the air–

reflecting golden light and supported by the King–


Silver light and red hue keeping the created in order.

Lifting them from despair.

Saturn reminds of the end of all things.

A great truth. The circle of existence a lie.

The King and the Queen shine hope upon us reminding

the end is near, but to have hope,

the end of history begins the new age–

where all is renewed.

Saturn hails the end of history.

The Moon and Jupiter open the gates to the New Creation

to union with a fire brighter and consuming–

far greater than Sol’s light.

The leaden weight of Saturn lifted. All as fire.

Consuming fire of love.


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