The devils in silence.

God in speech

speech that edifies, admonishes

speech in Love, for our good.

Look in the mirror

who do you see?

One in silence?

One being spoken to?

Are you afraid to be seen?

Can you own what you see, who you know who you are?

Or do you hide?

Afraid to be seen.

Are you a wretch?

Or are you a saint?

Or are you in progress–

one to the other?

Admit who you are.

Be honest with yourself and with others.

I have broken many mirrors. Shattered many selves.

I have heard whispers, speeches, and silence.

The silence of madness, but also the silence of being still.

Looking in the mirror,

see who you are.

Wear no masks.


Know what the silences are, and what speech is for.

Discern without naivety.

Reflected in the mirror, our double.

Do not double yourself. Be one. Not divided.

See yourself;

let others see you.


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