Casella and the siren

Casella and the siren

Both a temptation.

Casella gathers with her song–

yet temptation of the song overpowering,

causing forgetfulness.

The siren,

her song of reaching the end.

“Stay with me. You have reached your purpose, your end.”

Reverie. Like Lotus. Becoming a slave

to desire.

Casella and song–

like hypnosis. Forgetting and not caring about purpose.

Acedia a poison leaving one impotent. Paralyzed by the charmed

snake heads.

Petrified within despair.

But to continue on,

a continual wanderer, seeking forever

also a snare.

Temptation: an allure with a slight stench.

Blind ourselves and stuff our noses, uncaring…

until the snare within our heart and the object of desire

ensnare us, consuming us in a pall of death.


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