Gain the world; lose your soul.

Lose your life for My sake, you will find it.

What price will we pay for pleasures of this life? The pleasures of the desire of the mind of the heart of the body. A bliss that will leave us abandoned.

Love longs for fulfillment. All seeking eternal love, replacing it with temporal, temporary love.

The world, the culture, the popular distortion of something stronger than death … than fine wine, than oceans, than winds.

Something that will break our hearts, transform us, wreak us. To our own destruction. Or to the saving of our souls.

Love is not emotion … though a tempest of emotion will present itself.


Love is consuming fire. A fire that rises or destroys.

Love for Creator; neighbor–causes us to forget our self.

Paradoxically gaining our whole, purified self.

Love of self leads to destruction. Distortion of love. Hurting self and other selves.

“I want a fire that burns me clean.”

Like fire at the top of Mount Purgatory. Enabling to fly to the heavens. Living within the fire of Love for eternity.


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