There is an account in 1 Samuel 28 where King Saul is in great fear that the Philistines will destroy his army. He consults a medium in Endor. He had banished all the sorcerers, witches, mediums and diviners in the land. The witch of Endor was afraid for her life to conjure Samuel, the prophet.

But she does and realizes Saul himself has asked her to do this. Samuel excoriates Saul even in the afterlife. And Saul dies in battle as a result along with his sons. There are many passages in the Old Testament and New Testament that condemn the practice of consulting a medium, psychic, sorcerer, and so on. But why? The simple answer is that God wants his people to seek everything good from Him. For He is the source of all good of all peace.

People usually consult a medium or psychic because they want comfort, solace, peace, they might be in fear as Saul was. Possibly they have strayed from God as Saul did or do not think that knowing God is that important.

The spirits in Hell (in Dante’s Divine Comedy) give Dante a glimpse into the future–his exile, the coming civil war in Italy. But these are not words of comfort. A friend has told me a medium will speak words of comfort from the one who has passed. Okay, but maybe this is the Holy Spirit speaking.

Maybe I’m too fundamental on this subject. But if God’s Word, God has said do not consult mediums, I want to take God as His word. And not even bother with it. The medium has a gift. But why not seek wisdom and comfort from the source of life Himself–the Holy Spirit, the triune God, One God and not from spirits. Why do we want to seek comfort from the dead?

If all of the traditions of Judaism and traditions of Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) admonish these practices, I would heed the warning. There is a communion of Saints who pray for us all the time. The Holy Spirit prays for us. We can hear from God through the Holy Spirit. Why not seek comfort and truth from truth Himself?

But maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t think so. (Random post. Thank you.)


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