What we seek

What are we seeking in all this wandering and longing? Happiness? Joy? Peace? Life? Pleasure? Someone to love. Someone to love us. Out of fear someone controls us. Love is not control. We all want good things eternally. Something unobtainable in this state of things eternally.

In all our wanderings, what do we want? Understanding. Comfort. Fulfillment of all these things. Making idols, then destroying them. To make another idol. Lost in the desert, seeking home.

In all our wanderings what we seek is God. The maker of all these good things. There is only One who will give all good things eternally. What is this life but to imitate the Maker of all that is good. If we treat all things as temporal we will be left empty-handed. But seek what is good that it may be given eternally.

God is our end. The end of history will come. None escape death. Live with eternity in mind. All that we seek is a search for God.

Only God fulfills our longing, not our seeking and wandering. All are searching for God whether they know it or not.

Seek God first and all these things will be given you. There is an order and a form to this beauty we live. It is not haphazard and a shot in the dark.

Wisdom lead us on toward home. Not to darkness of our own wanderings. Not to counterfeit living. But to life fulfilled.

God is our telos.


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