Jesus said it best. It has been said that if a person has anger in his heart, you have murdered in your heart. If one has an adulterous heart, one has committed adultery in one’s heart. Thoughts definitely become actions. It may take years, but if left unchecked, they will become something.

Before cognitive science proved thoughts becoming actions, changing our brain, the prophets and Christ and the apostles and those seeking God and truth have known. It isn’t that difficult to understand why. Observing people, watching behavior, knowing your own heart and others’ hearts, it is easy to understand habits and patterns and people’s behavior.

It doesn’t take science to know that something is true. In our age, we hold science as the highest authority. To prove humans do stupid things doesn’t need to be proved by science. Or have habits that are either helpful or destructive.

It’s already been written and known.

In the New Testament, it is said “put on the mind of Christ.” This is literally reading God’s Word and practicing what is said. The Bible is instruction how to live and follow Christ in many senses. When we listen and act upon being a disciple of Christ we change. Our brains changing with the process. Why science has to prove this in our age, I don’t know. Well because we live in such a fact-based culture now. Everything must be proved. So be it. But it has been proved ages ago by witnessing how humans are before converting to a “higher, better way” and then carrying out their conversion.

Milton has a disturbing image in Paradise Lost where he poetically shows the birth of sin. It starts with an idea, a thought and manifests from the head and bursts out of the head like a tumor birthing from the brain. It is a grotesque image. But our sinful thoughts are very much like that. They become actions that we take when we keep thinking about them. If we do not change our thinking, the sin becomes a reality. In another sense, if one thinks, “I will never …” “This won’t happen…” It probably never will. Because we are paralyzing our wills in that instance.

The human mind is a beautiful thing in its freedom, but also a destructive thing. Ideas are wonderful and quite dangerous. Be careful what you think. I know, no one is perfect. I certainly am not. But I have seen and know firsthand the destruction of my thoughts. Please take caution.

God give us your grace and mercy and teach us how to seek, to seek you; to be a reflection of You, not our own darkness.


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