To literature

The way of Othello,

The way of Iago,

The way of Hamlet,

The way of Macbeth,

The way of Romeo,

The way of Juliet,

The way of Cleopatra and Antony.

The green-eyed monster.

Madness. Suicide. Anguish. Agony. Murder. Disordered love. Infatuation. Wishing. Naivety.

The way of Ulysses.

Ever seeking, not know what we are looking for.

Drifting along without direction. Making no clear aim. No direction. Wishing.

The only way something will happen or change is in action, not thinking or wishing.

The staying power and excellence of good literature is that every part of it speaks and resonates to reality. Resonates who we are. Who I am. Who you are.

The way of Dante.

If I am honest a part of each character echoes in me.


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