a broken love

Failure in love.

The summation of the law.

To love God;

To love neighbor as yourself.

Failing every day. Almost every moment.

Loving other things in place of the Maker of all things.

Idols placed above a jealous God.

We love because we are made in the Image of Divine Love.

But our love misguided, birthing from brokenness. Image cracked,

shattered, scarred, wounded. Patched with pride and self-sufficiency.

Seeking a love eternal in counterfeits.

Remember your first Love.

Like a breath of wind in stifling desert.

Glistening water from rocks amidst sand.

In stillness and silence, listen for the breath that leads us to Love well;

to live well. Not to know the law, but to live it in Love.

Grace a dew sustaining a fragile plant in the desert sun.

Love a labor.

Taken for granted a destruction of soul.

Thinking love will save us. Or another imperfect love will save.

But only One can save. A Love Who is Love.

One perfect in Love.

Breath of love ordering our hearts, beating along with the Divine heartbeat.

Love is not automatic, to love is labor of the mind, heart, and will. Our passion misdirects. Leading toward sorrow, desolation of the heart.

Delight is part of love, it can’t be a sterile act, but honor and virtue– goodness directs it.

God of Love at the heart.

“Teach me how to love.”

Remember your first Love, then you will begin to love as Love loves.


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