Beauty in form and order,

Beauty in heart …

In will and intellect.

The aesthetic becoming idol.

Instead of worshipping the Maker of beauty,

we love lesser things.

Like Francesca, ever in motion seeking what we desire–passion never fulfilled.

The Island in the West. The eternal joy we search for but cannot find.

Like Amata plunged into despair for desire unfulfilled. Lost in the forest of the self-murdered.

The sensualist always searching. Travel its substitute.

But the same. Its aim to fill that gaping hole.

Restless heart. Temptation of eye, of flesh, pride of life.


Give us aim of purpose in seeking.

Teach us to seek. Guide the prow toward safe harbor with rudder repaired.

Sails full and heading toward home because the heart is ready. Finding its rest in You.


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