Lights assault

Radiation of the sun assaults planet’s magnetic field.

Creating the aurora borealis.

Empty expanses of space between celestial objects.

Yet dark matter unseen fills the void.

A black hole tears the fabric of the universe.

Devouring all in its path. Nothing escapes. Light, matter, galaxies, stars.

Spewing light like exploding lightning bugs, like Paethon pulling the sun too close

causing a wreak of disaster of light–we call the Milky Way.

The blue planet alone in expanses of cold, empty space.

Alone. Revolving, rotating, year after year, ages and ages pass. Time.

Until Saturn deems time to meet its end.

Suns burn out. Supernovas. Black holes. Explosion. Implosion.

We observe with our time machines of tube and glass gathering light from millennia away. Observing what has already happened.

Does anyone care a sun lost, a galaxy devoured, collided with another galaxy? A meteor destroying an era on a planet. An atmosphere torn away, radiation scorching the surface. We observe with uncaring eye. Distance and time brings indifference.

We go on with certain doom hurling by our silent planet. A miracle every day the planet is not destroyed by some outside force.

From our finite observation, how could we see Love holding the universe together? It must be the perspective of the mind observing.

Does God look upon us with such a cold eye? Watching the universe destroy itself, yet new stars and planets forming from seeming destruction.

In this universe created as good in Love, by Love. We seek meaning out of the discoveries that remain mysteries to us.

If only a meteor would strike us, causing the end of time to begin eternity. But God delays. Delays to his purpose, not ours or mine.

The radiation, the light of the sun assaults the planet’s magnetic field

that it may create the aurora, causing wonder. Causing our finite being to seek something outside itself. To look up. To discover this God of love who has made all things and is the ground of all things. The Spirit in all but not contained in one thing. Assaulting the universe with Love that all may know the Creator.


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