Asteroid careens through the cosmos.

Follows its path, sometimes pulled toward planet or other object

destroyed or destroys.

But it careens upon a path unthinking. Undeterred except by outside force.

A mountain flower grows atop a mountain rock.

Purple and bending in the cold, strong wind.

Alone absorbing the sun’s light.

Both objects being what they are.

The human being doesn’t know what to be.

Taught to do. Not to be.

Not remembering who he is, whose image he is made in.

Upon the mountain top bending in the wind,

man questions who he is in the light.

Not knowing.

The asteroid careening becomes a meteor,

then meteoroid.

Man sees it burning through the atmosphere

a fireball.

Certain doom inevitable.

Then will he know who he is?

Will he still feel alone?



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