Weight of sin

Weight, heaviness, the burden upon shoulders and soul.

The crushing weight of transgression. Debt. Harm to our soul.

The neutron star–everything near its orbit pulled in and crushed.


Pulsar emitting light but its density destroys.

Guilt like gravity of the pulsar.

Envy crushing the soul. Sin ever-expanding the mass of the sinner.

Disobedience pulling the soul to the center of Jupiter with crushing weight.

Flattened like a coin crushed on the tracks.

Iniquity weighing like lead on the heart. Bowing the shoulders.

Wanting to disappear like a black hole only seen by the distortion of the light it warps.

Deeper into Inferno he travels. Light extinguished, devouring all in its path.

Love his only rescue. Descending into the weight of human suffering.

Gravity has no effect on Love. Love the keeper of the cosmos. The One who understands all things and remakes the one destroyed.

Like stars birthed in Orion’s belt. Lights full color. Light and true … purified in lights glory.



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