The heart in love

brims with confidence,

every moment, one of happiness

seated in joy.

Moments alone are glum, but another’s love enthroned upon the heart buoys the spirit–and being alone is temporary and bearable.

Clouded day is one of joy

not depression or despair. Every rain drop

crystalline joy dropping from the sky.

But when the heart breaks,

every moment agony.

Seeking the beloved and the heart crying in agony at every glance, every memory, every moment alone–near despair.

Brought low, a blow to the whole being. Nearly drowning.

The cloudy day one of depression. Melancholy consuming. Every drop like tears.

Weeping comes at night and in the morning. The only reprieve seeing the face of God in the least of these.

Born with disability, but unconditional love emanates from these hidden souls like light from the brightest star.




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