Knight of Cups

The knight of chivalry

journeys with the pentangle upon his shield

led by faith, hope, and love. The five virtues:

friendship, generosity, courtesy, and piety.

The journeyman seeking truth.

His sword and shield fending off temptation.

The knight with world turned upside down

reckless, not knowing truth from lies. Lost.

Seeking in all things, not knowing, only hoping something, anything will bring joy,

some semblance of truth.

His suffering becomes meaningless.

Seeking different gods, pleasures, decadence, happiness in fleeting things.

Wealth, admiration, appetites.

Each person on the pilgrim’s journey, a messenger.

A messenger of lies or of truth. Or a mixture that the knight inverted cannot discern.

Each made in the image, guiding.

But is it the person guiding or the Provident One through others?

The cup upside down, pouring out libation to an unknown other.

The knight forgetting who he is. A son of the living King.

The King does not forget the son, even though we turn our head away.

Through the gift of suffering, will this lead him home?


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