Screaming in silence.

Wanting to be known. Share life.

So much within, one who wants to listen, to understand

is who is longed for.

Condescending remarks, shutting down, silence …

I cannot welcome.

Only a pregnant silence, about to create, speak something into existence.

Silence of joy and contentedness– welcome.

But I hide behind looks, masks, books, writing, looking down, contemplating look,

yet screaming within to know someone– share love for aesthetics, art, color, life, joy,

edifying one another.

Difficult to always give when no dividend.

Not a selfish love, but to be loved is always welcome. Takers are exhausting.

But silence is what I am given for now. There will be another day when silence will be broken.
Something to speak again, someone to share with.

There is only one I wish to share with, but the possibility is unknown and confused. Uncertainty a gnawing at the back of the head.

Silence is what I’m given. It traps me.

Silence do not stay for long.


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