Water Rapids and the Heron


I wait with the stillness of the blue heron.

Amidst the rushing rapids. The water whirling and churning white.

Speak to me Lord, amidst the roar of the Waters. With blue heron waiting with one purpose. Silently waiting.

In a moment, the sun illuminates the water. Waiting for the light at the right time to capture the beauty of creation.

Sun, cloud covered, suddenly bright as though His presence announced. I see You, but still do not hear you. Your beauty everywhere.

I stand in the rushing water just behind the heron.

Watching the unstoppable water find its way down the rocks to the pooling water below.

Searching for meaning, but unable to make sense of what is around me. Maybe God telling me to be still and delight in everything He has brought about. The rocks, water, trees, fish, minnows the heron eats carried down in the rapids; the heron, light, sun, the winds.

His highest creation, fellow humans.

I could not hear Him in the sounds of the rushing Waters.

But only in silence.


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