Jon Foreman Departures

Jon Foreman – A Place Called Earth (Lyric Video) ft. Lauren Daigle – YouTube

I am very taken with two songs from Jon Foreman’s new EP Departures. The song “A Place Called Earth” speaks to the longing of a world that is perfected and renewed. He sings the hope of the Christian faith–it is the song of faith, hope, and love. It can be taken as a longing for a world that is just despite the human history of screwing things up all the time. But it will take more than human will to change the world. It takes the grace, love, and will of God. The perpetuation of of how things are now is a world that is broken, longing to fix it, but will forever be broken with interludes of peace, maybe. I have been reading a lot of existential philosophers. What I gather from Camus and Sartre is to fight to live although it is absurd that we are here in this world that only has this existence. It is absurd to live in a world without God. Why live, right? But the tension is why believe in God if the only way yo heaven is death? Then why wouldn’t we just commit suicide?

This is the tension we live in. An answer is we have purpose in a fallen world and this world will be renewed in Christ. In the meantime we wait between what is and what will be.

Jon Foreman – Jesus, I Have My Doubts (Audio) – YouTube

The second song that brings to light the tension of this existence is “Jesus, I have My Doubts.” It is a lament and a song of confusion amidst a broken world. It is very relatable especially in light of this past year. What do we do with the seeming silence from God? Camus and Sartre wouldn’t ask this question; Kierkegaard might. This is the song of Job, of Jeremiah, really, of every Christian. We as humans, we as Christians don’t know all the answers and especially the answers of suffering. Isn’t our charge to love and serve the person we are given or called to?

Nonetheless, take a listen to this new EP by Jon Foreman (singer of Switchfoot), he asks many questions in his music and reminds us of the hope and love that is always present though we may not necessarily feel it or know it.

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