thus spake

Are we but balancing upon a rope over the abyss between animal (behind us) and Ubermench (before us)?

Are we our only destiny? Man, the ground of our being?

The abyss or the transcendence of being within the self, the either/ or?

Are we our own damnation or salvation?

History has only spoken of our constant struggle, course correction, failure, destruction. Moments, eras of acheivement with seemingly inevitable fall. Or, at least, discovering the limits of knowledge, reason, collective and individual strivings.

We exist, then we do not. Is this the telos–nothing?

Or is there a trajectory?

Do we not know by now our own limitations? As a people? As a species? As society, as individual?

If we have killed God. If there is no God, then what? The point and meaning of existence is incomprehensible then.

All things permitted, do not our consciences rebel? Anxiety persists. Broken relationships persist. The libertine may find some type of contentment, but others affected by such a person may be broken, traumatized, lost.

If there is no God a morality still persists. Yet, nihilism is the true danger. A nihilism that permits all things without reflection, without ethics or morality. There is always the danger of the gas chamber, genocide, justifying actions taken that eliminates those deemed unworthy.

If the soul lives on after death, if there is a resurrection, Christ promised, as Christ burst out of the womb of death, renewing all things–then doesn’t the way we live matter? The actions we take, choices made?

If we hang over the abyss, should we not ask the help of the One who made us, all things? To cross the bridge to become like Christ, the Second Adam, the hope for persons, the hope for the cosmos, the Telos. Rather than another fallen, transcended, being “more than human” still within the fallen order?

Or do I understand nothing?

One thought on “thus spake

  1. Of course you “understand” many, many things.
    But in other areas, you’re locked into a historical culture of inherited superstition.
    Nihilism does not equate to violence, genocide, or any other major human social ill.
    Religion has done a fine job, along with nationalism and ethnocentrism, in supplying the socio-political organizing structure to war, murder, genocide, ecocide, animal slaughter, the usual roster of fun stuff.
    Nihilism can be many things to many people, but it is a way of rejecting false representations, yet adjusting to inherited social reality.


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