I am a graduate student studying the humanities with a concentration on literature, philosophy and religion. I do love the fine arts and history as well. I am an editor, writer, poet and have a love and passion for the written word and theology.

This started as a memoir, which is a piece of my journey through grief, exile, seeking home and  moving toward theosis. It is the tale of the Christian wayfarer. There are many guides, but only one path. Following Christ has never been and never will be an easy, smooth way. But every moment is wrought with love and grace.

This memoir has turned into several original poems, a focused study on Dante’s Divine Comedy, and thoughts on life, art, literature, philosophy, and a few other topics.

Enjoy! Share it with your family and friends using social media. Feel free to comment. I hope this might lead you near and nearer to truth, goodness and beauty.

One thought on “About

  1. Your writing is deep and penetrating. You can write both in academic and freestyle. It’s smooth writing which rivets my attention. As one wayfarer to another, I encourage you to keep on writing. I could see it being published. Have you considered self-publication? If I can be of any help to you just having someone you can run ideas by, I’m only an email away at osborne2029@gmail.com


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